How To Reinvent Your Style In Budget?

unduhan (23)The other day I was looking at an outfit in my wardrobe that I had not worn too often and realized that my cupboard was full of pieces that had either gone ancient or the ones that I realized were not meant for me. It was a bad day or probably an awakening moment, which made me feel that I have very few men’s clothing articles that were worth the wear. Then I decided to give my closet a cleaning by discarding all the pieces that were just there to occupy space and I had no use of them.

If you are still reading this, I am sure you’re also someone who’s been there and done that to his closet. Well, now I am here to help you out in reinventing your style without making it too expensive for you.

1. Do you need that? Yes! Oh, I don’t mean that you want it, but this is what you should ask yourself whenever you look at the Vans shoes or even the basic men’s underwear. You remember Rebecca Bloomward from the movie “Confessions of a

How to Find the Best Dresses From the Finest Designers

images (12)Begin searching in your location

If you plan on having your designer dresses customized, proximity will be very important. Your fashion designer will have to request for you to meet them ever so often for style and measurement updates. You can ask around the community whether they know someone in the market who customizes dresses in favor of your liking. Word of mouth usually leads you to the best so it’s always helpful to ask around. If you get no luck with the neighbours, you can always count on the directory, which can be available online or in your nearby bookstore.

Know the specialty

Now that you have an idea on where to find a store that customizes designer dresses for women, you may now shift your focus on learning more about the fashion designer. These designers usually have their own specialties. Some specialize in beadwork, alterations, wedding gowns and cocktail dresses among many others. You can maximize having your designer dresses made from scratch if you know the right kind of people who will make it. For instance, if you are in need of something

Things To Discard When You Turn Old

images (13)Well, old is just a term given by people who have gray hair and saggy skin. However, many times people forget that gray hair is a just parameter that can also be seen because of the stress level and hectic schedules, but getting old is entirely a different thing. Men who are getting old, this article is just for you and talks about the fashion pieces that are no longer meant for your personality.

This article lays down the men’s fashion clothing articles that old men should not incorporate in their wardrobe and switch to something that defines their age. Why must you ask? According to fashion, men (or even women) should dress according to their age or else, they’ll look out-of-the-box. Looking different is not bad, but dressing in accordance to your age is what you should abide by.

Let us now look at the pieces one by one.

Quotation Tees: One of the most popular among the teenagers as well as adults, t-shirts with funny quotations is a big no for the elderly men. Why would you want to wear something that says ”

Wearing A Bodycon Dress

unduhan (20)The beauty of any dress is highlighted only when it is worn properly. Sometimes, even a simple dress can make you look like a princess if you are able to carry it off with elegance and comfort. At other times, even if you wear the best of satin and laced dresses, you may still feel out of place. Hence, it is every important that you wear your dresses the perfect way, so that it fits you perfectly. Bodycon dresses are no exception to this rule. These dresses are single-piece garments that cling on to your body tightly. They are perfect for flaunting for your hourglass figure. Here are some tips for you to wear this dress in the exact way, so that you can achieve that killer-look.

1. Have a black or dark coloured dress handy

Bodycon dresses are the perfect choices when it comes to rocking the stage. How many times have you seen celebrities wearing these dresses for award shows and functions? One of the must-have things in your wardrobe is a black dress that is simple, classy, stylish and sophisticated. A black

4 Popular Styles of Watch Straps

images (15)The watch strap is available in plenty of styles that make it easy to complement the actual timepiece. The type of strap can vary in relation to its durability, how comfortable it feels, its length, width, and the material. Here is a brief overview of the four most popular types of watch straps:


The bracelet strap is usually made of a hard material such as stainless steel and a popular choice on luxury Swiss watches and diving watches. The strap is easily adjustable with each end of the strap clamping together using a secure clasp. Most use chain-mail or mesh parts that are easily removed from the strap to simplify the process of adjusting the size. The metal straps have the potential to offer greater strength and long-term durability compared to the material straps, but they do have the downside of not being suitable for everyone, such as those with metal allergies. Plus, they are heavier than the alternatives in the different materials.


Leather straps are highly versatile and look great with all types of clothes from suits to casual. Most of the straps in

4 Tips To Help Care for Your Hair Extensions

images (14)If planning to invest in hair extensions it is really important to consider the steps that need to be taken to maintain them. The ability to maintain the hair extensions is entirely based on your own ongoing efforts to brush and clean at regular intervals. Here are four useful tips for proper care and maintenance:

Brushing regularly

The most basic technique to maintain the appearance of the hair extensions is to give a regular brush. The best tool is a Looper brush or a soft bristle brush. Both of these brushes will gently help to remove the tangles while at the same time not causing any damage. The process of brushing out the tangles is much the same as real hair and includes starting at the bottom to get that area tangle-free first. Once that is complete it is possible to more to the top of the head and gently brushing through the full length of the extensions. Avoid any rough brushing as this can lead to serious breakage and leaves the hair looking quite frizzy and a bit of a mess.

Wash carefully

Giving the extensions

Celebrities and Trendy Outfit Ideas for Every Day

unduhan (22)Romantic reminiscence

This is for the women out there who still believe in romanticizing every aspect of their lives including their closet! This is a stylish outfit idea for those who enjoy socializing and sunny smiles with the people in their community. On Sundays, check out what I am wearing and think of floral and ruffles in its style with a mix of light hues such as pink, beige, white, and orange on your dress.

Going Metropolitan

This is one of the most sophisticated stylish outfit ideas that embody the fashion preference of empowered women. If you are always on the go but still need to look classy, you can wear this as your outfit for everyday. This celebrity style consists of palazzos for comfort; pair it with a tailored blazer, and a slouchy top to get you back to ground. Swing out a classy Gucci bag to complete the look.

The Free-spirit stylish outfit ideas

If I could choose this, positivity will be what I am wearing. Women who are carefree and always bring along a light ball of energy perfectly depict this style. You should pick

The Future Of Fashion

unduhan (19)With the drastic change in technology and fashion evolution, experts have been touting industrial hemp as a tough contender in the fashion trend. With innovation left and right, hemp can be used as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to various materials used in common manufacturing processes. Such applications include food and nutrition, housing, biofuel, and clothing. Plus, almost all parts of the plant can be utilized. For example, the stalks are used for fiber while the seeds are used for oil and supplements.

Apart from the versatility and sheer number of hemp products that can be produced from the plant, cultivating hemp is eco-friendly. Unlike other crops which require the use of pesticides, the hemp plant does not. Plus, it needs very little water and has the ability to renew the soil. The plant can also help protect the soil against erosion. Finally, the plant can be grown and cultivated in most regions that have a temperate climate.

Hemp clothing is not an entirely recent innovation. In fact, the use of hemp for textiles goes as far back as 8,000 BC in Ancient China. The

4 Things You Should Do To Pull Off A Great Look With Your Saree

unduhan (21)A saree is not only a beautiful traditional outfit, it also allows you to flaunt your curves thus giving you a sexy look. For you to pull off an elegant look you need to do a number of things. These things include:

Wear the right shoes

Regardless of how beautiful your saree is there is no way that you will create a great impression if you wear the wrong shoes. You should never wear platform heels or wedges with your outfit. Also, avoid flats and slippers to avoid spoiling the look. There are a few women who opt for flats as they feel that they are too tall. This isn’t good. The best shoes to wear with your saree regardless of your height are high heels and stilettos.

Wear the right blouse

It’s not only the shoes that can give you the wrong look-wearing the wrong blouse can also spoil the look. For a great look wear a blouse that compliments your body type. If you have some fat, avoid a blouse that is too tight. Also, avoid a blouse that shows the wrong areas of your

Sexy Smartwatch Buying Guide

images (11)What is a Smartwatch?

A Smartwatch is internet-connected and has a screen interface. Even the most basic smartwatch will do more than just telling you the time; most of them will allow you to check emails, keep tabs on social media and even play video games. They are available in a variety of genres, ranging from sport-centric models to models that can give smartphones a run for their money. Diverse functionalities dictate a similarly diverse range for every model.

Why buy one?

The main reason why a lot of professionals are switching over to a smartwatch is because it keeps you frequently updated without you having to pull out your smartphone all the time. A smartwatch teams up with your smartphone to deliver alerts, notifications, apps and much more. And to deliver all the above said services, almost all smartwatches need to connect via Bluetooth and should be within wireless range of an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Most smartwatches are well-suited for an Android or iOS device, or, in some cases, both. Others might only be compatible with a few chosen varieties of operating systems.

Choosing The Most Comfortable And Easy Raincoats

unduhan (18)It is important to prepare yourself well in advance for the different climatic changes in your country, so that you are not caught unawares during crisis situations. Monsoon season is when you need to be on charge at all times in order to protect yourself from the sudden downpour when you are travelling. Most of us use umbrellas during this season to stay away from the rain. However, do you think umbrellas are doing a good job from protecting you? You still find your clothes getting wet or messy, in spite of using these, don’t you? The ideal solution for getting full protection from the heavy rains is to use high quality of raincoats. In this article, we are going to learn about some tips on choosing good raincoats and why they do a better job than umbrellas, in protecting you.

Benefits of raincoats over umbrellas

Umbrellas only cover your head. Your body, clothes and other belongings are exposed to the rains. Thus, they offer no protection at all, especially in cases of heavy rains. Raincoats, on the other hand, come in all sizes and

Grooming Essentials For Your Next Holiday

images (10)This might be a late entry when we are talking about holidays, but definitely not so late that these can’t be incorporated into your traveling bag the next time you plan your trip. Holidays have surely felt like the best times of enjoyment, but only if you are properly prepared with everything that is needed for the vacation. Men can be very enthusiastic while packing their things, but can also miss out on things which will make them a little less prepared to enjoy the fullest.

Talking specifically about things that men need for their grooming and taking care of their skin as well as hair, this piece of information can be very helpful for you. This article talks about the various grooming essentials that every man should keep in his travel bag in order to have sexy, fashionable and groomed holiday.

1. Hair gel: Going all the way from head to toe, we’ll start by talking about the hair. Hair has always been a little special for men when it comes to getting the haircuts or giving the fancy hairstyles and more. Hair gels

Picking the Perfect Yarns

images (9)Beginner knitters may be trying out this new method to relieve stress and anxiety, or they may simply love the idea of knitting their own blanket. Whatever the reason, beginner knitters often wind up throwing themselves into one project or another, and wind up feeling confused as they look at the large selection of Rowan string that is offered.

There is tweed, alpaca, wool cotton and others. It can be a bit overwhelming, but beginner knitters can follow this guide for their first project.


Most people have heard of Alpaca sweaters. These sweaters are known for being softer than other types, and that is exactly what this product is known for too.

Projects produced from Alpaca will be impressively soft, and will feel wonderful against the skin. Sweaters made from this material are known for keeping individuals warm during the coldest winters, and for being comfortable for the pickiest individuals.

Alpaca fiber is ideal for projects that are intended for individuals that have allergies due to the hypo allergic nature. Alpaca has a different genetic makeup than wool, so it will not hang onto dust and

The Rich History of a Brand Born in 1881

unduhan (16)The county of Northamptonshire, England, has long been renowned for its boots and shoe making; the village of Wollaston just outside of Wellingborough is no exception. Until the latter part of the 19th century, shoes and boots were normally made in homes by individual shoemakers, who were paid only for the work they had ready when the collector came with his barrow to the door. Remuneration was poor and there was little security of employment.

In an attempt to impose some regularity of income, in 1881 five men living in Wollaston banded together to form a co-operative (a company owned and run by the people working in it), called the Northamptonshire Productive Society (NPS). Their premises were based in a dove house located in Thrift Street, Wollaston, and NPS was locally referred to as ‘the Duffers’. Luck was with them from the outset as they managed to secure an order for army boots from the Government, an order which would sustain them for the first year.

As industrialisation spread in England during the late nineteenth Century, demand in England and abroad for high-quality boots steadily

Back to Classics – Straight Leg Pants

unduhan (17)When it comes to choosing proper outfits for different occasions we often come to the thought that to do our best we need to own all the kinds of clothing possible. Sometimes we seek help looking through magazines and catalogues which also add to the idea of having spacious closet to store all these essential items though in reality you don’t need that much to look good.

While lots of us have no trouble when picking tops, choosing the right type of pants might become challenging. But, honestly speaking, everything is much easier than fashion experts make it look like. Just two or three most common styles might become a perfect basis for your wardrobe. For example a single pair of straight leg pants for women can do real magic. Let’s look closer at those.

As it is easily deducted from the name this is the type of pants that has the same width of the leg from the hip down. Still the width may vary. There are classic designs that sit quite loose on the hips and are pretty wide at the bottom. These

How to Love Your Leather

unduhan (15)Leather is one of those fashion items that becomes part of you. If you invest in a special piece – maybe a beautiful bag or a really sleek wallet – it really can last a lifetime. But if you totally neglect your much-loved wallet it may not last the distance.

The flipside is – you have to be practical. I mean who has time for buffing and polishing and preserving every item of leather you own. Let’s not get ridiculous! So we’ve done the research for you to come up with some hot tips on practical ways you can love your leather.

1. Know your leather. Is it finished or unfinished? Finished leather generally is flat in colour and is harder, colder and stiffer to touch than unfinished leather which is soft and warm to touch and more likely to be a rich colour.

2. Decide what kind of leather lover you want to be. One of the great things about leather is that it develops a life-story of it’s own over time. If you’re happy with a bit of change, some well-developed wrinkle lines and

How to Keep Your Silver Sparkling

unduhan (14)You know how it goes – we all play favourites when it comes to jewellery, but the pieces you love the most get worn to death the fastest. And then, tragedy! Nothing else will suit the neckline or the pattern or the tone of your go-to ensemble quite as well as your faithful few favourites.

But never fear! There are a few tricks of the trade that can help keep your silver sparkling, your brass beautiful and all your jewellery glamorous.


I am so guilty of sleeping, showering and everything else in my favourite earrings (and necklace and rings and anklets and… anyway), but jewellery loves it best when it’s loved the least (time-wise that is). So put it on last – after your clothes, make up and perfume – and take it off first – before getting undressed, hitting the shower and going to bed.


Aside from the fact that you run the risk of looking a booty girl from a rap music video, chlorine and other chemicals are

Top 3 Tips to Get Exclusive Offers on Clothes While Shopping Online

unduhan (11)There is nothing as beneficial as getting a huge discount on good quality clothes. We all know the excitement the word ‘sale’ can bring to any individual. If you are among those who like to get value for money by keeping track of the offers and want to know how to get offers on clothes, this article is for you. In this article, we have mentioned top 3 ways that can help you get some amazing offers on clothes and accessories, while shopping on the web. Here’s how.

Sign-up for regular e-mail alerts

Whenever there is an online dresses sale or special or occasional offers on clothes, a lot of companies make sure to send discount coupons or e-mails to regular customers or anyone on their e-mail list. Some of these offers are for a limited time only or just for a single-use. To make sure that you have all the offers in your kitty, make sure to sign-up for newsletters or regular e-mails.

If you are among those who do not like to receive a lot of e-mails, you may make sure to regularly visit

The Future of the African Fashion World

unduhan (12)It was the brainchild of the very artistic Dutch people of the Netherlands, primarily for the Indonesian markets.

West Africans had noticed, and primed the lovely textile product for their local markets and use, after the Turks made a cheaper version of the fabric, and re-branded it Ankara, which is now the country’s capital. This decision was a total departure from what used to be known as ‘Dutch Wax Print’.

It used to be seen as an outfit for the poor, and was mostly worn by women for special occasions, and traditional ceremonies, sometime in the 1990s.

Over the years, creative West African Fashion minds have reformed the underlining concepts, and orientation of the Ankara Fabric, to reflect the typical African beauty, personality, and disposition. Today, it defines and reflects the true West African spirit, culture, and general ethics of the people, and also goes well with Western fashion products, and defiles complexion, as it fits both the dark, and light skinned.

The Ankara Fabric is also now worn or used in schools, corporate organizations, parties, Churches, and almost everywhere else. This explains how much appreciation it

Five Ways to Revitalise Your Furniture

unduhan (13)Furniture can last for years, but, as time goes on, it can quickly become outdated, or the need to re-do older furniture may come from simple wanting to redecorate. Purchasing a new living room suite is always an option, but this can be costly, particularly for families that are fond of redecorating on a yearly basis. Instead of purchasing new furniture, make old furniture look like new again with these redecorating tips.

Fill in scratches

A marker or wood filler can be used quickly and easily to fill in any scratches that are on the wood. Markers will cover any surface scratches in just a few seconds. This simple tip is one way to help clean up old, scuffed up furniture, and one of the vital steps to take in revitalizing old furniture. If you plan on staining furniture, filling in deeper scratches is still a necessity.

Stain it

If you are planning to redecorate, the old colour of your wood may not match your new decorating scheme, or maybe it’s just time for a change. Either way, wood can easily be stained by sanding down