4 Tips To Help Care for Your Hair Extensions

images (14)If planning to invest in hair extensions it is really important to consider the steps that need to be taken to maintain them. The ability to maintain the hair extensions is entirely based on your own ongoing efforts to brush and clean at regular intervals. Here are four useful tips for proper care and maintenance:

Brushing regularly

The most basic technique to maintain the appearance of the hair extensions is to give a regular brush. The best tool is a Looper brush or a soft bristle brush. Both of these brushes will gently help to remove the tangles while at the same time not causing any damage. The process of brushing out the tangles is much the same as real hair and includes starting at the bottom to get that area tangle-free first. Once that is complete it is possible to more to the top of the head and gently brushing through the full length of the extensions. Avoid any rough brushing as this can lead to serious breakage and leaves the hair looking quite frizzy and a bit of a mess.

Wash carefully

Giving the extensions a regular wash is nearly as important as brushing regularly. Without proper washing it will be difficult to maintain the clean and shiny appearance. Before starting the washing process it is important to remove the tangles from the hair. Plus, use a high-quality shampoo and take a slow and cautious approach to brushing the hair. It can help to slowly wet the extensions and work from the top to bottom and shampoo and rinse as you go. This is a simple technique to avoid issues with tangling.

Use conditioner

A leave-in and nourishing conditioner is a great final step to the maintenance routine. Apply the conditioner from the top and work down. Continue to brush the extensions while working on them to avoid issues with tangles. Once this is done, it is possible to leave the hair extensions to dry. Try to limit the nourishing products because an excessive amount can lead to the extensions looking quite limp and dull. Plus, they are likely to tangle and get dirty quicker.

Dry naturally

Even though it takes longer, the option to leave the extensions to dry naturally is preferred over the use of a hair dryer. Excessive heat can be very detrimental to the extensions and leave them in a poor condition. But, if planning to use the hair drying when in a rush, it is important to use a low-heat setting to avoid issues with bonds getting sticky, breaking, or shredding.