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Five Ways to Revitalise Your Furniture

unduhan (13)Furniture can last for years, but, as time goes on, it can quickly become outdated, or the need to re-do older furniture may come from simple wanting to redecorate. Purchasing a new living room suite is always an option, but this can be costly, particularly for families that are fond of redecorating on a yearly basis. Instead of purchasing new furniture, make old furniture look like new again with these redecorating tips.

Fill in scratches

A marker or wood filler can be used quickly and easily to fill in any scratches that are on the wood. Markers will cover any surface scratches in just a few seconds. This simple tip is one way to help clean up old, scuffed up furniture, and one of the vital steps to take in revitalizing old furniture. If you plan on staining furniture, filling in deeper scratches is still a necessity.

Stain it

If you are planning to redecorate, the old colour of your wood may not match your new decorating scheme, or maybe it’s just time for a change. Either way, wood can easily be stained by sanding down the wood, and then re-staining it to coordinate perfectly with a new decorating scheme.

Re-upholster it

If changing the colour of the wood isn’t enough, it may be time to change the colour of the materials as well. Take the time to select sturdy upholstery fabrics. When choosing an upholstery material, it is always important to consider whether or not it will show stains easily, how easily your new material can be cleaned and what colour will coordinate perfectly with a new decorating scheme.

After selecting the ideal upholstery fabrics, contact a local supplier to order your material and enjoy the pride that re-upholstering the outdated furniture in the living room will give you.

Customise it

Customise the furniture in any room with a few simple stitches. Using some thread that colour coordinates with the new colour scheme, take the time to stitch custom designs into upholstery before it is used for a sofa or a chair. This special touch will give furniture a one of a kind look that is guaranteed to impress guests. The same idea can be used on the arms of chairs, sofa pillows or any other cloth areas.

Get New Legs

If staining or painting the wood is not going to be enough, purchasing new legs is another option. This particular option may cost a little bit more money than a can of paint, but it will still save a lot of money when compared to the cost of new furniture, and can instantly transform the appearance of everything from a kitchen table to a small living room chair.

Several retailers have the option of purchasing new table tops and legs. Legs can be purchased for couches and chairs as well as kitchen tables. Certain styles of coffee tables may have this option too. This simple touch can make a vintage chair from a few decades ago appear modern almost instantly.

Re-doing older furniture may seem like a lot of work, but it all depends on how much work individuals would like to put into it. Re-upholstery companies are available to complete part of the work for customers, and even this option is cheaper than purchasing new furniture.

Individuals that would like to do it themselves can use one or two steps to make old furniture look new again, or they can use all five to breathe life into an otherwise dull and boring living room in just one week. The possibilities are only limited by how much work a person is willing to put in.

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